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Upload software for Simple Music Player for dementia

Uploading Music to your Player using a Bluetooth Link

[Please note: This page is for Bluetooth only. If you have USB then click on the link Uploading with USB]

Tunes are loaded into the ’Simple Music Player’ by means of a Bluetooth link between the Player and your computer.
Uploading takes a considerable amount of time (about the same amount as playing the tunes themselves). We are most happy to undertake this process on your behalf free of charge at the point of purchase so that the player is ready to use straight out of the box - just contact us with your requirements.
Tunes can be individually uploaded or deleted at anytime using the method explained below. The software has been written to be very easy to use - no menus or hidden procedures.

music for alzheimers

To install the software simply click on this icon.
The software is written for PCs running windows Vista or later, including Windows8, and interface with most common Bluetooth stacks. Ensure that your Computer has Bluetooth capability (most modern laptops do, and if you don’t then Bluetooth dongle are easily purchased at a minimal cost).
There is no installation process; simply unzip the folder and the program is ready to run. You need to run the program called "SimpleMusicPlayer.jar"
If your computer does not run the file then you probably don't have a JRE (Java Runtime Environment) installed. You can get this free from


Once you have downloaded the .zip file you need to extract all the files. To do this locate the file ’SimpleMusicPlayer’ in your download folder:

downloaded zip file

(1) Click on the file ’SimpleMusicPlayer’ then (2) click on ’Extract’:

extract files

(3)Then click on ’Extract All’:

extract all

(4) Select the location where you want the files to go, and then (5) click on the ’Extract’ button:

extract to target

The extract files should be displayed. It is essential that both ’SimpleMusicPlayer.jar’ file and the ’lib’ folder are in the same location or else you will not be able to locate your music player during a search

extract all

Using the software

Make sure your ’Simple Music Player’ is plugged into mains power. The lid can be open or closed; it will have no effect on the upload process. Running the program will always attempt to connect with the Bluetooth.

For best results turn off any unnecessary Bluetooth devices on other equipment - the shared radio space causes slower transfers, and sometimes blocks the initial search process. Also position your Music Player Close to the computer to maximise its signal

software searching for simple music player
The search process may take up to 10 seconds. Your computer will learn the address and name of the device. (With Bluetooth this may take several attempts to start with - it all depends on your particular computer and what else is in the environment). If after the search you don’t see something that looks like "03D6C32010AF SMPlayer 1.00" exit the program and start again. NOTE: If you start again make sure to switch the mains power OFF then ON again on the Player

Click on the listed music player and the computer will attempt to establish a connection.

software searching for simple music player
Again this can take up to 10 seconds and may fail on the first couple of attempts. If this is the case then start again. NOTE: If you start again make sure to switch the mains power OFF then ON again on the Player
According to your particular Windows set-up it may ask you for a security code when establishing the link. If this does happen type "112358" on your PC keyboard.

screen shot If you see a screen like this which never locates a Music Player it may mean several things. The most common reason is that the ’lib’ folder has not been extracted and placed in the same place at the SimpleMusicPlayer.jar file (see installation above)
There may be other strong Bluetooth devices present blocking the Music Player’s communication. Turn off any other Bluetooth active devices, move the Player in close proximity to your computer and communication should resolve itself.
If you are still having problems then it may well be your computer configuration, not the software or Bluetooth device. We have provided a troubleshooting guide to assist.

When the PC establishes the connection it obtains the playlist already on the Simple Music Player and lists it in the right hand window.

software searching for simple music player
From now on, you can press any of the buttons on the left hand side to effect some change in the playlist. The lower panel acts directly on the playlist already on the ’Simple Music Player’; the upper panel is concerned with selecting and uploading tunes from the PC to the Player.

Click on ’Resume Playing’ and the current tune is displayed at the bottom of the screen, and the volume indicator is refreshed:

software searching for simple music player

Click on a tune in the playlist then ’Delete Selected’ deletes that tune from the Player:

software searching for simple music player

Click on ’Delete playlist’ will clear out the Player completely (but a warning is given):

software searching for simple music player

Uploading tunes is a two stage process: selecting the tune then uploading.

Pressing ’Select New Tune’ calls up a window where you can navigate to the files of your choice. One or many files can be selected (press the ’Ctrl’ button and click to select multiple files). The selected files must be .mp3 format or they will be rejected. For best results, if you are converting the files into MP3 format, encode them as mono with a sample rate of greater than 128kbps. You can repeat this process several times and a list will be compiled, ready for upload.

software searching for simple music player

Finally ... pressing ’Upload tune’ starts the upload process:

The current tune being uploaded is displayed in top left window, and its progress is indicated by the status bar below it.
Uploading takes a considerable time and we are happy to undertake this for you at point of purchase, free of charge.

software searching for simple music player


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