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Uploading files for Simple Music Player for dementia

Uploading Music to your Player

Tunes are loaded into the ’Simple Music Player (SMP)’ by means of a USB cable connection to your computer. There is no software to install. It is compatible with all systems which support USB 'plug and play' devices (Apple, Microsoft, Linux, etc.) Important: if you reformat the player you must choose an MSDOS-FAT or FAT32 format option, not an Apple iOS format or exFAT. An application note is available.

Once the SMP is recognised by your computer then it acts as if it were a standard USB stick or some external memory location; simply copy your music files from the computer to the SMP. You can either 'cut and paste' or 'drag and drop'; whichever you prefer.
Tunes can be individually uploaded or deleted at anytime using this method.

Attaching the USB cable

Make sure your Simple Music Player has no mains power or else this process will not work.
(The lid can be open or closed; it will have no effect on the upload process).

Insert the USB cable in its socket at the back of the Simple Music Player

USB cable connection for simple music player

Connect the other end of your USB cable to a convenient USB port on your computer.

Transferring Files

At this point only turn the SMP power on.

Depending upon your particular computer you may get a pop-up message such as:

pop up message for usb device found
Clicking on 'Open Folder to view files' will open the memory area ready for transferring your files by your preferred means. Notice the device (or folder) is called "SMPV100"

pop up message for usb device found

Alternatively, if you did not get a pop-up message, search for the Simple Music Player in 'My Computer' or your 'Devices Folder'. Just look for "SMPV100" and double click on it to open the file transfer window.

pop up message for usb device found

Turn the SMP power off and back on before playing the tunes as a standalone player.

Note for Apple MAC users

The most common question we are asked is by Apple MAC users. It's "How do I delete existing files". This is easy, but it's to do with how Apple works and nothing to do with the Simple Music Player or any other standard MP3 player. We've prepared an Apple application note covering this issue

The other question we get from Apple MAC users is "I've reformatted the drive and now it doesn't play anything, even the tunes that came with it". Make sure you reformat as an MSDOS-FAT device. The player is not an apple device so it can't read iOS formatted discs



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